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FORM 6 - New registration for general electors

Fill Form 6 if you are 18 years or above or you will turn 18 in few months

FORM 6A - New registration for overseas(NRI) electors

Fill Form 6A if you are a citizen of India and has not acquired citizenship of any other country

FORM 6B - Aadhaar collection

Fill Form 6B to get Aadhaar and EPIC.

FORM 7 - Objection for proposed inclusion/deletion of name in existing roll

Fill Form 7 to get name deleted from the existing electoral roll

FORM 8 - Shifting of residence/correction of entries in existing electoral roll/replacement of EPIC/marking of PwD

Fill Form 8 to get EPIC with updated or replacement or marking of PwD

FORM A - Communication with regard to authorized persons to intimate names of candidates set up by recognized national or state political parties or registered unrecognized political parties

FORM B - Notice as to name of Candidate Set up by the Political Party