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Details of Polling Stations of 1-Mandrem Assembly Constituency

Part NoName of Polling StationAddressDetails Of Sections covered by Parts
1 Government Primary School, Tiracol - 1. Near Church, Tiracol, 2. Near Hill Rock Restaurant, Tiracol
2 Government Primary School Talwada Querim(East Wing) - 1. Near Kulache Devasthan, Talwada, 2. Near Ajoba Devasthan, Talwada, 3. Near Brahman Devasthan, Thorlebag, 4. Near Harji Devasthan, Thorlebag, 5. Near Sopte Devasthan, Thorlebag, 6. Near Ram Matt, Thorlebag, 7. Near Talkar Devasthan, Thorlebag
3 Government Primary School Talwada Querim(West Wing) - 1. Brahman Devasthan, Talwada, 2. Near V.P.Office, Querim, Talwada, 3. Near Chapel, Talwada, 4. Near Garudi Temple, Dhaktebag, 5. Near Dhalacho Mand, Dhaktebag
4 Government Primary School Madhalawada Querim(East Wing) - 1. Near Babro Devasthan, Pawanwada, 2. Near Chapel, Pawanwada, 3. Near Health Office, Pawanwada, 4. Near Saibaba Temple, Pawanwada, 5. Near Brahaman Devasthan, Pawanwada, 6. Near Mharingan Temple, Madhalawada, 7. Near Church, Madhalawada
5 Government Primary School (Madhalawada Querim(west Wing) - 1. Near Datta Temple, Pawanwada, 2. Near Bhatachi Aradi, Madhalawada, 3. Near Morye Devasthan, Madhalawada, 4. Near Rawalnath Temple, Madhalawada, 5. Near Gadachawada, Gadachawada, 6. Near Community Hall, Gadachawada
6 Government Primary School Madhalawada Paliem (East Wing) - 1. Near V.P.Office, Deulwada-Palyem, 2. Near Bhumika Temple, Deulwada, Deulwada-Palyem, 3. Near Vatharam Purush Temple, Parabwada- Palyem, 4. Near Dad Sakhaleshwar Mandap, Harijanwada, 5. Bhomwada, Palyem
7 Government Primary School Madhalawada Paliem (West Wing) - 1. Near Govt. Primary School, Madhalawada-Palyem, 2. Mirjalwada., Palyem, 3. Mirjalwada Palyem, Palyem, 4. Near Govt. Primary School, Palyem, 5. After Ferry Jetty, Kiranpani, Paliem
8 Government Primary School Bhandarwada- Paliem - 1. Near Govt. Primary School., Bhandarwada, 2. Near Govt. Primary School, Bhandarwada, 3. Near Mahapurush Temple, Bhandarwada, 4. Near Health Centre, Naik Wada, 5. Near Lake Bhavkhan, Naikwada, 6. Near Bhivsher Temple, Naikwada, 7. Near Govt. Primary School, Naikwada
9 Our Lady Of Mount Carmel High School Madhalawada Arambol(North Wing) - 1. Old Police Station, Khalchawada- Arambol, 2. St. Anthony Chapel, Khalachawada- Arambol, 3. St. Cruz Chapel, Khalachawada- Arambol, 4. Famafa Hotel, Khalchawada- Arambol, 5. Devichi Tali, Khalachawada- Arambol
10 Our Lady Of Mount Carmel High School Madhalawada Arambol(South Wing) - 1. Rashtroli Devasthan, Khalachawada- Arambol, 2. Soyro Samandha Devasthan, Khalachawada- Arambol, 3. Narayan Dev Temple, Khalachawada- Arambol
11 Our Lady Of Mount Carmel High School Madhalawada Arambol West North (Room No. 1) - 1. Bhatle Chapel, Madhalawada- Arambol, 2. Telephone Exchange, Madhalawada- Arambol, 3. Mahapurush Devasthan, Madhalawada- Arambol, 4. Gawade Vast Devasthan, Madhalawada- Arambol, 5. Rashtroli Devasthan, Madhalawada- Arambol, 6. Ganpati Ped Devasthan, Madhalawada- Arambol
12 Our Lady Of Mount Carmel High School Madhalawada Arambol West North (Room No. 2) - 1. Arambol Tito, Madhalawada- Arambol, 2. Korkan Rashtoli Devasthan, Madhalawada- Arambol, 3. Chanai Rashtoli Devasthan, Madhalawada- Arambol, 4. Mount Carmel Church, Madhalawada- Arambol, 5. Harmal Panchacroshi High School, Madhalawada- Arambol
13 Government Primary School Parsekarwada Arambol - 1. Vadavaril Devasthan, Varchawada- Arambol, 2. Govt. Primary School, Varchawada- Arambol, 3. Near Santan Chapel, Varchawada- Arambol, 4. Near Vast Devasthan, Varchawada- Arambol, 5. Kadsiddeshwar Math/Y. Maharaj Math, Varchawada- Arambol, 6. Near Shri Rashtroli Devasthan, Varchawada- Arambol
14 Government Primary School Deulwada Arambol - 1. Near Shri Bhumika Temple, Deulwada- Arambol, 2. Near Shri Bhivathakur Temple, Deulwada- Arambol, 3. Near Govt. Pump House, Deulwada- Arambol, 4. Near Shri Dev Ravalnath Temple, Deulwada- Arambol, 5. Near Govt. Primary School, Deulwada- Arambol
15 Our Lady Of Mount Carmel High School Madhalawada Arambol West North (Room No. 4) - 1. Near Mulpurush Kulagar Temple, Girkarwada- Arambol, 2. Near Vailankani Devasthan, Girkarwada-Arambol, 3. Near St. Cruz Chapel, Girkarwada-Arambol, 4. Near Govt. Primary School, Girkarwada-Arambol
16 Government Primary School Sawantwada Mandrem - 1. Near Sateri Temple, Gawadewada- Mandrem, 2. Near G.P.S., Gawadewada-Mandrem, 3. Near Bhumika Temple, Sawant Wada-Mandrem
17 Government Primary School Dandoswada, Mandrem - 1. Near G.P.S. Dandoswada, Dandoswada-Mandrem, 2. Near Gangal Devasthan, Dandoswada- Mandrem, 3. Near Rashtroli Devasthan, Dandoswada- Mandrem, 4. Dandoswada, Dandoswada- Mandrem, 5. Near Vithal Mandir, Dandoswada- Mandrem, 6. Near Bandeshwar Devasthan, Dandoswada- Mandrem
18 Government Primary School Junaswada Mandrem - 1. Junaswada, Junaswada- Mandrem, 2. Near Chapel, Junaswada- Mandrem, 3. Near Mahalaxmi Devasthan, Junaaswada- Mandrem, 4. Near Govt. Primary School, Junaswada- Mandrem
19 Government Primary School Naikwada Mandrem - 1. Near Satchebhatale Chapel, Satchebhatale - Mandrem, 2. Satchebhatale, Satchebhatale- Mandrem, 3. Near Gaideshwar Temple, Satchebhatale- Mandrem, 4. Near Shri Ganesh Temple, Naikwada- Mandrem, 5. Near Govt. Primary School, Naikwada- Mandrem, 6. Naikwada, Satchebhatale- Mandrem
20 Government Primary School Madhalamaj Mandrem(East Wing) - 1. Madhlamaz, Madhlamaz- Mandrem, 2. R.D.Khalap High School, Madhlamaz- Mandrem, 3. Mharigan Devasthan, Madhlamaz- Mandrem, 4. Near Chapel, Madhlamaz- Mandrem, 5. Gangal Devasthan, Madhlamaz- Mandrem, 6. Maruti Temple, Madhlamaz- Mandrem